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Multi Fit (52-64cm)

With Forestry Shield & Earmuffs (sold separately)

The NEW big brother to the FFM AgHat 2, the AgHat MAX ATV Safety Helmet now fits more head sizes.


  • Multi-fit ATV Safety helmet: Adjustable to fit 52-64cm
  • Unimpeded visibility and hearing
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 635gm
  • DUAL SAFETY STANDARD: NZS 8600:2002 (ATV) plus AS/NZS1801:1997 (Type 1)
  • Certified protection for Farming, Forestry, Arboriculture & Construction
  • Vented for warm weather comfort
  • Clean helmet lining means helmet remains free from parasite infestation
  • New modified liner has a recess for cap domes, so you can comfortably wear a beanie or cap under your helmet
  • Colour: White, Fluo Yellow, Red, Black, Reflex Blue
  • Optional accessories available: Overhat, Brim, Forestry Visor, Earmuffs (sold separately)

Keep the cold at bay with the new Buff Windproof Hat. Ideal for Winter use with your AgHat MAX.

ATV Helmet, Quad Bike Helmet, ATV Safety Helmet, Construction Helmet, Certified.



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